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We welcome you and your family with open hearts, open minds and open doors.

This Web site offers a snapshot of opportunities for your spiritual growth and outreach to others, a reference of services provided by the church, contacts for you to obtain more information, and an invitation for you to explore new and deeper involvement in the life and ministry of our congregation.

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Concerns: Continue to keep those who are dealing with illnesses, in the nursing homes, undergoing treatments, hospitalizations, recovering from surgeries or are just unable to be out and about in your thoughts and prayers.

From our friends at Early UMC February 27, 2017:

Prayers are requested for Jerry Irwin again. He is to be readmitted to St. Luke’s, Sioux City tomorrow morning. They will be doing numerous more tests trying to determine what his problem is.

Dear Lord, Your heart was so full of compassion for the sick and suffering when You were here in human form. Your care means so much to those who are ill. May it be Your will to grant Jerry a full recovery. Whatever be Your will, sustain Jerry’ faith and trust in You. Enable us to ease his discomfort by cheerful and loving service. Hear us for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

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January 22, 2017 Bulletin: George and Kathy have asked that we let you know they would welcome visitors and/or calls anytime!! Feel free to stop in for a visit when you have some time.

DID YOU KNOW??? The United Methodist Church plans to present a new hymnal to General Conference for approval in 2020. We want this hymnal to represent the whole denomination, and invite all United Methodists to participate in several surveys related to hymnal content. The first survey asked for favorite and least favorite hymns (We did a little survey of favorite hymns in our Bible Study a month or so ago and you will be singing some of them in the next few weeks.)

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Pastor Laurel Westerkamp and the members of the
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Pastor Laurel Westerkamp

Pastor Laurel Westerkamp, Nemaha United Methodist Church
Position: Pastor Laurel Westerkamp, Nemaha United Methodist Church


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Updated 2/27/2017

Updated 2/27/2017
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